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In this article, we describe how to use Siemens CYCLE89 code on CNC machines with all details and examples.

The tool drills at the programmed spindle speed and feedrate to the entered final drilling
depth. When the final drilling depth is reached, a dwell time can be programmed.



RTP = Retraction plane (absolute)
RFP = Reference plane (absolute)
SDIS = Safety clearance (enter without sign)
DP = Final drilling depth (absolute)
DPR = Final drilling depth relative to the reference plane (enter without sign)
DTB = Dwell time at final drilling depth
Note: To repeat the cycle in more than one position, MCALL must be written at the beginning of the cycle. The MCALL command is active until the next call. If it is written after positioning the command, MCALL will be canceled.

MCALL Example :

X30. Y20.;
MCALL CYCLExx …….. ;
X10. Y10. ;
X-140. Y35. ;


At X80 Y90 in the XY plane, the drilling cycle CYCLE89 is called with a safety clearance of
5 mm and specification of the final drilling depth as an absolute value. The drilling axis is the Z axis.

Siemens CNC Cycle89 Program Example

DEF REAL RFP, RTP, DP, DTB ; Definition of parameters
RFP=102 RTP=107 DP=72 DTB=3 ; Value assignments
N10 G90 G17 F100 S450 M4 ; Specification of technology values
N20 G0 T1 D1 X80 Y90 Z107 ; Approach drilling position
N21 M6 ;
N30 CYCLE89 (RTP, RFP, 5, DP, , DTB) ; Cycle call
N40 M30 ; Program end

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