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In this article, we write CNC program example for drilling with G81 cycle in CNC Milling machines.

Technical Drawing

CNC Milling | G81 Cycle | Drilling Example

CNC Program

N15 O0003;
N25 G54 G90;
N80 T02 M6; ( Guide Drill )
N82 G94;
N85 G00 X15 Y15;
N90 G43 G0 Z10. H2 M3;
N95 G99 G90 G81 X15. Y15. Z–6. R3. K1 F200;
N105 Y50;
N110 Y85;
N115 X85;
N120 Y50;
N125 Y15;
N128 G80;
N130 G28;
N135 M05 M09;
N140 T03 M6; ( ø8 Drill )
N145 G94 F300 S2000 M03;
N148 G43 G0 Z10. H3 M8;
N150 G99 G90 G81 X15. Y15. Z–31. R3. K1 F150;
N155 Y50;
N160 Y85;
N165 X85;
N170 Y50;
N175 Y15;
N178 G80;
N180 G28;
N185 M05 M30;

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