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Technical Drawing

CNC Lathe | G01 Example | Outside Diameter Turning for Beginners

CNC Program

N20 S1500 ;
N25 G00 X25.2 Z2. ;
N30 G01 Z-49.9. F0.3 ;
N35 G00 X27.5 Z-48. ;
N40 Z2. ;
N50 G96 S125 ;
N55 G50 S1800 ;
N60 G01 X0 Z0 F0.15 ;
N65 X25. ;
N70 Z-50 ;
N75 X55. ;
N80. Z-7.5 ;
N85 X90 ;
N90. Z-90 ;
N95 G00 X92.Z5 ;
N100 G97. ;
N105 G95 ;

Assume a finishing stock of 0.1mm on all faces, and 0.2mm on all diameters. A roughing cut of 1.4mm is to be given on φ25. Roughing feed rate is 0.3 mm/rev and finishing feed is 0.15 mm/rev.
Roughing is done at 1500 rpm. Finishing is done at a constant surface speed of 125 mts/min with the maximum spindle speed limited to 1800 rpm.
In the above program, block number N45 corresponds to constant surface speed of 125 mts/min and block number N50 corresponds to limitation of maximum rpm 1800 rpm. Block number N95 – change over from constant surface speed to constant rpm mode.

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