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Technical Drawing

CNC Lathe | G73 Cycle Example | Finish Cut (G70)

CNC Program

N10 G50 S2000 T0300 ;
G96 S200 M03 ;
G00 X35.0 Z5.0 T0303 ;
Z0 ;
G01 X-1.6 F0.2 ;
G00 X70.0 Z10.0 ;
G73 U3.0 W2.0 R2 ;
G73 P12 Q16 U0.5 W0.1 F0.25 ;
N12 G00 G42 X20.0 Z2.0 ;
G01 Z-10.0 F0.15 ;
G02 X40.0 Z-20.0 R10.0 ;
G01 Z-30.0 ;
X60.0 Z-50.0 ;
N16 G40 U1.0 ;
G70 P12 Q16 ;
G00 X200.0 Z200.0 T0300 ;
M30 ;

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