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Technical Drawing

CNC Lathe | G84 Cycle | Tapping Example

CNC Program

T0202; ( Guide Drill )
G97 M3 S3000;
G0 X0 Z3 M8;
G1 Z-3 F0.1;
G0 Z3
G0 X200 Z200 M9;
T0404; (Drill)
G97 M3 S1700;
G0 X0 Z3 M8;
G1 Z-30 F0.1;
G0 Z3;
G0 X200 Z200 M9;
T0808;( M10 Tapping Tool )
G97 M3 S200;
G0 X0 Z3 M8;
G84 Z-24 F1.5;
G0 X200 Z200 M9;

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