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So how much does a CNC Lathe machine cost, and what should you ask for when requesting a reputable CNC machine tool manufacturer to quote for a CNC lathe?

To come up with the total cost of buying a CNC Lathe, we need to consider the following.

  • Country of origin
  • Manufacturing process
  • Size of CNC machine tool
  • Design
  • Specifications
  • Shipping

Learn more about these areas below.

Country Of Origin

The manufacturer and the country (South Korea, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, China, others) where the CNC Lathes are manufactured have a large impact on the prices.

How CNC Lathes Are Manufactured

This will influence the quality and performance specification of the machine, and they include factors such as the following:

  • How much R&D and prototyping are invested in building the machine?
  • Quality of raw materials and quality of key components as well as their origin of manufacturing?
  • Do the manufacturers employ a deep manufacturing system (i.e. from foundry to finished machine, like Hwacheon) or do they merely do assembly, or even use OEM companies?
  • Are the machines mass-produced? Or do they have focused lines produced for specific needs and higher quality standards

Size Of CNC Machine Tool

The sizes of CNC Lathes are generally specified by the chuck size and the distance between centers.

For example, Hwacheon’s Hi-TECH 200 standard machine is available with chuck size of 8” to 10” is lower in price than the Hi-TECH 230 standard machine which is also available with chuck size of 8” to 10”. However, HI-TECH 230 includes a much modern design and technology; and provides the possibilities to upgrade with various options to an even more sophisticated machine.

Design – Standard Or Complex Machine

Standard machines are normally lower in price than complex ones. The latter may be the same machines fitted with additional option parts.

For example, Hi-TECH 450A standard machine has a chuck size of 10”. It can be fitted with 12” and 15” chuck, i.e. Hi-TECH 450A/B/C, providing at the same time bigger spindle bore diameters. Besides theses standard machines can also be fitted with milling functions, Y-axis, sub-spindle and also a longer machine bed (Hi-TECH 450A/B/C – std / MC / YMC / YSMC / LYSMC).


Machine prices are also influenced by the different options chosen.

Adding options like Y-axis, additional motor power, main spindle torque range, guide way system (linear ball or roller, box guide way), coolant through spindle (CTS) systems (30 or 70 bar), tool setter, chip conveyors (standard or special for aluminium), or spindle bore size (especially if BB or BB+) will result in added costs to a standard machine.

Additional options like special bearings, automatic tool changers (ATC) and hydraulic chucks will also impact the machine prices.


Finally, shipping costs from the location of manufacture to the end-user will add to the machine price. This may vary from country to country.

The size of the machine to be shipped will influence the packing and type of transportation (container or flat rack) used. This will in turn affect the price of CNC Lathe.

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