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So I'm working on a part right now that we've made in the past, but struggled to hold tolerances on. The program is a mess, so it's really no wonder.

Anyhow, the bore I'm doing is 1.4" deep, .750 +/-.0005 in 1-3/8 bar stock on the front side of a swiss lathe. I'm drilling it to .625ish, then going in with a r050.7-50 picco boring bar to finish the hole.

Iscar, very helpfully, recommends surface speeds between 500 and 1500sfm. So between 2500 and 8500 rpm. Thanks, enginerds.

I rarely work on aluminum, and I've never cut 2024. I don't really know what kind of depth of cut I can run, thinking like .075 total removal per pass would be okay for roughing leaving maybe .01 for finish. I really don't have any idea on feed, especially if I want to break chips, or even if I can break chips.


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