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Axis Directions All directions are referenced with respect to the tool. The following illustrates the X and Z directions.

The control can be setup so the X+ is either towards that operator or away from the operator. Machines that have a tool holder on the front side of the spindle are normally configured with X+ being towards the operator and machines that have a tool holder on the back side of the spindle are normally configured with X- being towards the operator. The parameter used to define this orientation is the POWER parameter “Front Turret”. When set to “Yes” the tool is shown coming from the bottom on the graphics screen. It also relates the tool types in the tool table as coming from the bottom. A G13 can be used to specify back side programming or a G14 for front side programming. When programming from the front verses from the back there are 3 differences: 

1) G2/G3 or Clockwise/Counterclockwise arcs 

2) G41/G42 or Left/Right cutter comp 

3) The polar lines and arcs angles are different

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